VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game BETA PnP is LIVE!

The VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game (VJ:TCG:TDG) Print n Play files are online and downloadable.  This is a nice first for me, both for creating a game that is reasonable enough to be PnP friendly, and to post a game in Beta form openly and directly to the internet.  I really love the open format and chance for feedback directly from players, who can then see their suggestions in use as I update files.  The internet is a lovely, evolving creature.


So, proud VivaJava Dice Interns of VivaJava Coffee Co., here is a link to the .zip file containing all necessary files to print and play the game:


Also, please note that all Rules for the game exist in a Video Rules Explanation posted here:


Along with a companion video that actively explains the game and a few turns in a live 2-player event:




For those who have never played the original game, VivaJava: The Coffee Game (for shame), the Dice game is an excellent introduction.  For those who have played the original, many of the mechanics will be familiar, though the game’s focus has shifted.  One of the issues I always had with the original was that it was designed as a social experience and that social element truly needs 5 to 8 players to shine.  The 3 & 4 player game works, but it could never truly capture that same feeling of “positive interaction.”

With a dice version of VivaJava, I really want to focus specifically, not on the “social” aspect, but on creating a new coffee-brewing game that still has elements of positive interaction, but mixes them with a non-confrontational, but highly interactive engine-building mechanic.  Basically, I want to make a game with tons of dice rolling, that’s easy to learn, and gives you meaningful, strategic decisions to make.  You aren’t going to attack and kill; you’re going to subtly screw-over your opponents with a smile, giving them hugs while stabbing them in the back.  And I want it to play well with 2 players!

I also want to experiment to see how much better players will learn through videos over printed rules!


My goal with this PnP is to gain as much feedback as I can (bad and good), but most importantly to have players explore all the game’s abilities and provide two main suggestions:

1.  What abilities “work” in the game?  What abilities do not?  And what abilities would you love to see?  (In fact, thats why I’ve included some blank discs.  Please go crazy!)  And feel free to tell me some awesome combos as I’d like to include 3 standard coaster boards.

2.  How do I make an understandable set of rules for the game?   The video is a test, on purpose.  Before I subject anyone to a real “blind” test, I’d like to see how players would explain or format rules.


Thanks much!  ANY help or suggestions is much appreciated!  Rules questions or clarifications are encouraged.  My email is tcpettyiii at gmail dot com and I’m @puppyshogun on Twitter.  

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